Who We Serve

Our service area spans a large and diverse territory ranging from Hope in the west, Clearwater in the north, the Alberta border to the east, and the US border to the south.

This area encompasses 9 Regional Districts, 33 First Nations, more than 53 incorporated municipalities, and many unincorporated communities with over 750,000 residents in total. Of these, about 325,000 live in urban areas (with populations over 25,000) and the remaining 375,000 residents live in rural communities, of which 55% are in the Thompson-Okanagan area, and the other 45% are in the Columbia-Kootenay-Boundary region.

The ETSI-BC Service Area


We serve the people and communities (both incorporated or unincorporated), in this entire area, except in the Fraser Valley and Thompson-Nicola Regional Districts, where our area is as noted below. For reference, the names of the larger communities and First Nations are listed below.