FIR Advisor

Diane Tinker

We are pleased to feature Diane Tinker, a Forest Impact Recovery (FIR) Advisor hosted by the Kootenay Employment Services Society, with funding from ETSI-BC.

With nearly two decades of experience in business management and work with non-profit organizations, including charities and youth groups, Diane brings extensive expertise in navigating today’s dynamic business landscape. For the past year, Diane served as the Membership Coordinator for the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce, assisting local businesses of all sizes with networking, finding grants and accessing services.

As a FIR Advisor for the Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake area, Diane’s new focus is on understanding the specific needs of local businesses and connecting them with relevant resources and educational opportunities for them to succeed.

“This might involve referrals to grant sources or workshops that businesses may not have had access to previously,” Diane explains.

As a customer-focused worker during the pandemic, Diane has seen the drastic economic fluctuations, from the retail surge post-lockdown to the current challenges of rising costs and financial uncertainty.

“Businesses must navigate these challenges while also planning for the future and developing long-term success,” Diane notes. “My goal is to help them navigate this new landscape and keep essential jobs in the Kootenays.”

Diane looks forward to working and collaborating with fellow FIR Advisors in the region to share knowledge and resources that benefit the local community.

Our thanks to Diane and all the FIR Advisors for your tireless efforts on behalf of your communities. You are truly making a difference!

Forest Impact Recovery (FIR) Advisors like Diane are located throughout the Southern Interior of BC. These Advisors are hosted by 18 different business support organizations, with funding from ETSI-BC. Click here to see the list of Host Organizations. ETSI-BC acknowledges financial support from the Province of BC in delivering this program.