FIR Advisor

Laura Turmel

We are pleased to feature Laura Turmel, a Forest Impact Recovery (FIR) Advisor hosted by the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce, with funding from ETSI-BC.

With over 40 years of experience in retail and event planning, along with a history of owning retail and manufacturing businesses, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to this role.

As Merritt’s Community Engagement Officer, Laura’s passion for the community she has called home for over 60 years is evident. Her education and experience working for the Chamber of Commerce to set up events such as the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and the Great Canadian Bike Rally, make her a dynamic force in driving community engagement initiatives forward.

“Organizing many community events has taught me firsthand how to plan, market, and organize successful profitable events,” Laura says, emphasizing her adaptability in navigating the unique challenges inherent in small community event management, including shipping, acquiring necessary products, equipment, services, entertainment, and catering.

As a FIR Advisor, Laura is dedicated to creating engaging events that not only entertain locals but also attract visitors to the area.

“My aim is to bring people from neighbouring communities into Merritt to experience our amenities, support local businesses, and enjoy our diverse attractions. Hopefully, these people will return in the future, having cherished their time here and the warmth of our community,” Laura says. “By leveraging out-of-town spending to strengthen our local businesses and services, we can ensure the economic vitality of Merritt.”

Laura finds fulfillment in connecting with local business owners, understanding their challenges, and working collaboratively to find solutions for their success. Her enthusiasm for revitalizing Merritt reflects her commitment to community growth and vibrancy.

“I am really excited and looking forward to being a part of the team of the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations to see Merritt once again grow into a beautiful community with a vibrant downtown core, attracting locals and tourists into our city,” Laura adds.

Our thanks to Laura and all the FIR Advisors for your tireless efforts on behalf of your communities. You are truly making a difference!

Forest Impact Recovery (FIR) Advisors like Laura are located throughout the Southern Interior of BC. These Advisors are hosted by 18 different business support organizations, with funding from ETSI-BC. Click here to see the list of Host Organizations. ETSI-BC acknowledges financial support from the Province of BC in delivering this program.