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Susan Clovechok

We are pleased to introduce Susan Clovechok, Electoral Area F Director for the Regional District of East Kootenay.

“It was time for me to step up,” explained Susan.  “After being elected as Director in 2018, I witnessed an impressive transformation at ETSI-BC. I first got involved helping update the Terms of Reference for the Columbia-Kootenay Regional Advisory Committee (CK-RAC), and that added to my understanding and respect for what ETSI-BC is now doing.”

Susan got her start in Economic Development while serving as the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and helped advocate for the Community Economic Development service for the Columbia Valley. She was also a member of the provincial Rural Advisory Council, helping develop the Rural Dividend Fund, which provided $25 Million each year for community economic development initiatives in rural BC from 2013-19.

Susan comes to the ETSI-BC Board with a wealth of experience in business and supporting economic development. She has held leadership positions with both national corporations across Canada and non-profit organizations. Susan’s career has spanned sales, marketing, communications, leadership development and organizational improvement.

“Helping communities be economically resilient and sustainable has been a passion of mine for many years, and creating an environment where people can take care of their families in ways that are meaningful to them has been my purpose for decades. I look forward to working with other ETSI-BC Board members and learning more about the region. I hope to see ETSI-BC continue to support economic development initiatives, especially those that contribute to the region’s economic resilience.”

When asked to share what she likes most about living in Fairmont Hot Springs, Susan had a hard time narrowing down the list. “What I enjoy most about my community is that I can be out in nature with my dog Charlie and husband Doug within seconds of walking out my back door. I love watching the neighbourhood kids include our yard in a game of hide-n-seek on a warm summer evening, and that a trip to the grocery store often involves an impromptu visit with a friend. I love the energy of our local volunteers and our community’s spirit and willingness to help each other out. We have some fantastic small businesses growing here because of programs such as those funded by ETSI-BC.”

We appreciate Susan and all the Board Members of ETSI-BC as they work together to help grow and diversify the economy of the BC’s Southern Interior.

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