Our Board

Alan Harrison

We have a new batch of ETSI-BC Board Members, following the 2022 local government elections. We’re delighted to start introducing them by highlighting Alan Harrison, who is currently serving his second term as Mayor of Salmon Arm. Alan was first introduced to ETSI-BC by former Mayor of Armstrong, Chris Pieper, who served as Board Chair of ETSI-BC from 2019-2022.

“I have a lot of respect for Chris, and after learning about the reinvigorated management team and direction at ETSI-BC, I felt it was a good time to be more involved,” notes Mayor Harrison.

“I’ve lived and worked in small towns most of my life, and I’m cognizant of the needs in these areas, so I connect with the current focus of ETSI-BC, which is supporting economic development in these regions. Working with their staff and fellow Board members presents ample opportunities to expand my awareness of ways I can better assist my community and others,” continues Alan.

ETSI-BC is delighted to have an experienced local government elected official like Alan on the Board of ETSI-BC. “As a former Salmon Arm Councillor and current Mayor, I have over 20 years of cumulative experience working with our local Economic Development Society. I observed firsthand the positive impact a good economic development strategy which is supported by local government can have on stimulating and diversifying a region’s economy,” he observes.

Alan, who has resided in Salmon Arm since 1988, describes his community as one populated with leaders and opportunities. The combination of outdoor activities and location on Shuswap Lake makes it hard to beat. Thank you, Alan, and all the Board Members of ETSI-BC for your efforts to support the Trust and our work contributing to economic growth and diversity in the Southern Interior of BC.

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