ETSI-BC hosting Business Continuity Planning Workshop

ETSI-BC is pleased to partner with Community Futures BC once again to offer this highly-acclaimed Business Continuity Planning workshop. This will be a valuable professional development opportunity which we are delighted to host.

This workshop is being offered to all our non-profit business support organizations providing advisory services to businesses throughout the Southern Interior of BC, such as Chambers of Commerce, Community Futures, WeBC, Economic Development Officers and more. The workshop is open to all Business Support organizations and their staff and board members, who want to learn how to better assist businesses prepare for future emergencies, whether they be fires, floods, pandemics… you name it!  The workshop is NOT designed for the businesses themselves. Join other practitioners who are trying to support our business community to become stronger and more resilient.


Emergencies and disasters are unavoidable and are happening more and more frequently. Well-prepared businesses fare much better throughout and following a disaster. Although it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, it is possible to use the best available information now to prepare for future disasters and take steps to mitigate potential impacts.

Join Colin O`Leary, CEO of O`Leary & Associates and economic recovery expert, for a session on Business Continuity Planning. This workshop will focus on the key aspects of Business Continuity Planning and how you can assist business owners with developing a concrete plan to tackle unexpected future emergencies. Whether or not you are already well-versed in the area of Business Continuity Planning, this session will help you learn new tools to support businesses to implement measures to increase their resiliency and post-disaster recovery. This content is important and relevant for all economic development practitioners. Useful resources will be sent to all participants following the workshop.

WHAT:             Business Continuity Planning Workshop for Business Support Organizations in the Southern Interior

WHEN:            Wednesday, June 19, from 9 am to 10:30 am Pacific Time


WHO:              Offered by ETSI-BC, in partnership with Community Futures BC, Delivered by Colin O`Leary, CEO of O`Leary & Associates

REGISTER:     Click Here to Register

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